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Torta Cioccolato e Barbabietola Re-Cake (Chocolate Beetroot Cake) Torta de chocolate y beterraga

Re-Cake 2.0  April

Torta Cioccolato e Barbabietola

Recipe in Italian

Chocolate Beetroot Cake 


For the cake

200 g of dark chocolate (70%)
4 tablespoons of hot espresso
200 g of cubed butter
135 g all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
3 tablespoonscocoa
5 eggs
(separating yolks from egg whites)
200 g of sugar
250 g of cooked and reduced beet puree

For the butter cream chocolate
300 g powdered sugar
150 g butter softened
100 ml cream
50 g cocoa powder

For the chocolate glaze
200 g dark chocolate (70%)
200 ml heavy cream
4 tablespoons maple syrup
(or corn syrup)


Heat the oven to 180°C. Take two pan or one of 20 cm in diameter with parchment paper.
Melt chocolate in a double boiler, taking care that the water does not end up in the chocolate.
Pour the espresso into the melted chocolate, stir and add the butter cubes and mix until melted butter. remove from heat and let cool slightly.
Sift flour with baking baking powder and cocoa.
In another bowl beat the egg whites until stiff, add the sugar and beat again .
Join yolks and puree beets and chocolate and mix well.

Add the egg whites until stiff, stirring gently from bottom to top and mixing slowly.
Add the flour mixture and  incorporate to the batter.
Pour into prepared cake tins (I use one) and bake for 30 minutes or until, by inserting one toothpick into thecenter of the cake  comes out clean and dry.
Remove from oven and let cool.

Chocolate butter  cream
Beat the icing sugar with butter, add the cream and beat until everything is blended, then stir in cocoa.
Divide the cake in two and spread the chocolate cream and cover with the other part.


Heat the dark chocolate with the cream and syrup in a saucepan, over low heat, stirring constantly until thick and be shiny.
Cover the cake with this icing and garnish with chopped pistacchios,some berries  or  dry rosebuds.

En español

Torta de chocolate y beterraga

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