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Cooking is such fun! If you don't believe me, you have to watch this amazing cooking life hacks video for kids! Today, we'll show you a lot of new cooking ideas and kitchen hacks, that will make you a pro of cooking!

The first idea is good for a party. You can make yummy jelly pops that won't remain unnoticed on a party table. Choose your color and flavor!

The following idea is for lollipop lovers. You can save your lollipop nice and clean using a Kinder surprise container.

Another cool cooking idea is making pear and candy decorations for a cake. All you have to do is to slice up a pear in fine slices and sprinkle it with crushed candy. Place it into the oven as we show it in the video and voila! Amazing decor for your cake is ready!

You can make DIY yummy lollipops without an effort by mixing sugar, lemon juice and a bit of water and heating up the mixture until it melts. Be careful - caramel is extremely hot, so cool it down really nice.

If you want to make a yummy yet very simple dessert for all the family, you can follow our blueberry pie tutorial!

Watch this video up to the end and see how to serve candy buffet table for a party.
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