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Kibbiyet (Oval Kibbi Shells)

Kibbiyet (Oval Kibbi Shells)

Makes: 6-10 kibbiyet  | Cooking time: 10-15 minutes


1lb (500g) Basic Kibbi Mixture
Meat and Nut Filling (optional)
olive or nut oil for frying, or ½ cup ghee or substitute or baking


1 With wet hands mould the Kibbi mixture into balls a little larger than the size of a golf ball.

2 In turn hold each Kibbi ball in your left hand and with the index finger of your right hand make a hole in it. Work the finger around the hole until a long thin shell is formed. The shell should be thin and smooth. Keep hands wet during the procedure and repair breaks in the shell with wet fingers.

3 Fill each shell with 2 teaspoons of Meat and Nut Filling or leave empty. Close the openings with wet fingers and smooth the shells into oval shapes or pat them back into round shapes.

4 Deep fry the shells in oil or bake them in ghee in an oven tray.
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