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Easy Grillable Veggie Burgers

Easy, grillable veggie burgers with just 10 ingredients (give or take a spice)! Flavorful, hearty and perfect for summertime grilling. Hearty enough to please meat-eaters and vegans alike!
Easy Grillable Veggie Burgers

∙ Serves 5
1 1/2 cups Black beans, cooked
1/2 White onion, medium
3 tbsp Bbq sauce, vegan
Pasta & Grains
1 cup Brown rice, cooked
Baking & Spices
1/2 tbsp Avocado oil
1 tbsp Chili powder
1 tbsp Coconut sugar
1/2 tsp Sea salt and black pepper
Nuts & Seeds
1 cup Walnuts, raw
Bread & Baked Goods
1/3 cup Panko bread crumbs
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